Rock the Stars

I'm looking into new ways to present our awards ceremonies. Have you tried any new methods of recognition? 

17.03.22 05:57 PM By Stew - Comment(s)

Rock the Stars produces a variety of programs for award ceremonies that bring an interactive and fun element to the event. In one package we create a ‘The Tonig...

Gamification as a Recruitment Tool 

17.03.22 05:39 PM By Stew - Comment(s)
Rock the Stars in partnership with a large financial institution created a role playing game that is used to recruit new employees. It's based on the music industry and participants take on roles as musicians, agents and record company executives. The object of the game is to join or ...

What is the Best Strategy to Survive and Thrive a Team-building Session? 

16.03.22 12:00 AM By Stew - Comment(s)
The best way to survive a team building session is to embrace it! Allow me to explain why. Team building is one of those things that many people recoil at the thought of doing. They may view it as touchy-feely, embarrassing, too difficult, or a waste of time. But for most people that ...

What are Some Good Trust Activities for Groups? 

26.11.21 02:47 PM By Stew - Comment(s)

Trust is one of the main attributes of a successful team. A trusted team member is someone who: 

  • Follows through on commitments 
  • Speaks honestly & acts with integrity 
  • Respects others 
  • Acts with the best interests of the team in mind 
  • Has your back 

Group activities ...