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U Rock!

Group Size: min 20 - max 150 | Duration: 2 - 4 hours
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U Rock is a collaborative group activity that brings out the rock star in everyone!  Build camaraderie, boost performance, and inspire your team.


Participants join a band and learn to perform a rock song using real instruments. 


Facilitators teach band members how to play and work together as a team. Participants are energized and motivated by what their team can accomplish.


The activity culminates in a Battle of the Bands competition where teams perform their song for the rest of the group dressed in rock star costumes.

How it Works

  • U Rock! is an engaging group activity where participants join a rock band and learn to play and perform as a team. 
  • To begin participants are formed into teams (bands) and taken to breakout rooms. There band members choose instruments: guitar, keyboard, bass, drums, percussion or vocals and learn how to play their song.
  • Instructors point out what makes a good band work - communication, creativity and trust - while encouraging participants to take risks and have fun with the music.
  • Following rehearsals each team takes the stage and performs their song for the rest of the group. 
  • Optional costumes are provided so participants can look and feel like rock stars!

What's Included

  • The emphasis for this activity is on teamwork, creativity, and building relationships.
  • Included is Rock the Stars’ award winning activity, facilitators, musical instruments, and materials.
  • Breakout rooms, electrical power and an optional stage is needed for the activity.
  • No prior musical experience required!

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