Rock the Stars


2002  Rock the Stars founded 
2003  U Rock launched 
2004  1st Live Band Karaoke event 
2004  1st Team Lip Sync Contest 
2006  You Write the Song launched 
2008  Reached 10,000 total participants 
2009  Opened US office 
2009  Received Star Award for Best Corporate Team Building Activity 
2010  Reached 20,000 total participants 
2013  Launched Guitar Throw Down 
2013  Reached 30,000 total participants 
2015  Reached 40,000 total participants 
2017  1st Sing Squad event 
2018  Reached 50,000 total participants 
2020  Launched virtual version of You Write the Song 

Rock the Stars

Rock the Stars was founded in 2002 with the mission of creating a high impact team building activity using rock music as the medium. U Rock was our first program. Stewart Hall, Founder, had spent many years in senior sales and operations positions and knew the power of team building as a motivational tool. Stewart is also a professional musician having played in bands throughout his life. U Rock was designed to simulate, for non-musicians, the thrills and spills of being in a rock band.

Rock bands are similar to any other workplace team with goals to achieve in order to be successful. These can only be accomplished if band members are motivated and work as a team to achieve their common objective. In U Rock participants join a rock band, learn to play a rock song with real instruments, and perform in a battle of the bands. In order to achieve this participants must work together, solve problems, get creative, communicate, and support each other in pushing to the next level. 

U Rock was a hit with corporate clients and led to the creation of additional programs, each designed to meet specific team building objectives and event logistics. In addition we offer interactive entertainment in the form of live band karaoke as well as conference energizer, openers and closers for groups of 20 to 1,000 plus. 

To date we have produced close to 600 team building events with over 50,000 participants. Our clients include major brands like Google, TD Bank, Pfizer, and Disney. We’ve also worked with a variety of small to mid-size businesses, associations, and non-profits. In 2009 Rock the Stars was awarded a Canadian Events Star Award for Best Corporate Team Building Activity. 

Stewart Hall
Founder & President

Stewart Hall is the Founder of Rock the Stars, a company that uses the power of music to boost team performance and build camaraderie. He is a skilled facilitator, experiential designer, musician, and entrepreneur. Prior to Rock the Stars, Stewart had a 20 year career in the high-tech industry. 

Stewart has built Rock the Stars into an award-winning service provider of corporate team building and interactive entertainment having worked with some of the globe’s most prominent corporations. While testimonials from participants rave about the fun they had, event planners talk about the ease of working with Rock the Stars and the powerful memories that continue to motivate participants. The greatest joy for Stewart is watching the excited faces of participants as they hit the stage to live out their rock 'n' roll fantasies in an impactful experience shared with co-workers. 
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