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Group Size: min 20 - max unlimited | Duration: 30-60 minutes
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Sing Squad is a mash-up of team building and entertainment that energizes groups, brings them closer together, and touches their hearts. 


Inspired by the popularity of adult choruses, groups learn to sing and perform a popular song by an artist whose music inspires them.


Songs are chosen that are fun to sing and whose theme and lyrics align with the client’s culture and values. Programs can be customized to incorporate meeting themes, objectives, and agendas.


    In addition to supplying music for your activity, a live band will stay on for an after party, performing a mix of current and classic hits.

How it Works

  • Sing Squad is an engaging group activity where participants learn to sing and perform a popular song by an artist whose music inspires them.
  • Prior to the event clients choose a song to perform from a supplied list that resonates with their group and the objectives of the activity. A custom arrangement is created for the song, suitable to novice singers, that builds to an exciting and inspiring finish.
  • Sing Squad can be used as an icebreaker or conference energizer that builds bonds between participants and leaves them more receptive. It can also be used as a team building or closing activity that solidifies the takeaways of the conference and leaves people on a high note. 

What's Included

  • The emphasis for this activity is on raising energy, bonding, and team spirit.
  • Included is Rock the Stars’ award winning activity, MC, musicians, and materials.
  • A live band brings added excitement and energy to any Rock the Stars activity. Our band of music industry pros has an extensive song list that covers multiple genres including rock, pop, dance, and country. 
  • A room large enough to hold the group, electrical power and an optional stage is needed for the activity.
  • No prior musical experience required!

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