Team Building for Introverts

Every organization has a few extremely outgoing individuals. They are the first to shake your hand at a meeting and the first to make toasts and speeches at an event. They are willing to embrace new challenges without fear of failure. Team building activities seem to be designed for these people.

But, the average person is not that gregarious. In fact, most people are shy in one way or another. That is what makes Rock the Stars such a rewarding and inclusive experience. Although extroverts will shine during our activities, our programs are actually designed with the introvert in mind. Here are three reasons why.

1 Small Steps

NAH2012 62DxOEveryone knows that you must learn to walk before you can run. The last step of a Rock the Stars activity usually involves a group performing in front of their peers. This is a scary thought for many people. But we don’t just ask participants to jump on stage and perform without preparation. There is a process that guides them; a series of small steps that lead to the big moment. For example, in our U Rock program the first step is forming your band and choosing a name. Simple enough. The next step is going to one of the instrument stations. No problem. Later you will explore the wardrobe area. Bet you find a wig that makes you look amazing.

Facilitators are there the entire time to coach and teach. When we reach the final step, rocking out on stage, the process has been so gradual that even the shyest person has made the transformation to rock star!

2 Always a Group Activity  

FL3_002B_DxThe best way to engage people in a team building activity is to present tasks that can only be accomplished as a group. Programs must be designed so no one feels singled out or put on the spot in an uncomfortable way. In Rock the Stars everything is done as a team. Participants join a band and choose their role within the group. A band, like any team, is best when it is composed of people with different personalities. Are you outgoing? Become one of the singers or a lead guitar player. Are you more reserved? Find a spot behind the drum kit or keyboard. In our bands every role is important.

3 Costumes and Props

AI_006_DxBCostumes and props add fun to any activity. They are great for role playing and performing. They can turn an adult into a kid again. Getting into character is a great way for people to get over any stage fright they may experience. Even a simple wig, boa or a pair of sunglasses can create an alter-ego. And for someone who is afraid of being on stage, costumes are a magic potion that takes the fear away.

There are many reasons why clients continue to book Rock the Stars for multiple events and inclusiveness is probably the biggest. Everyone is involved. Everyone finds a role. Everyone learns something about themselves and their team. And when the introverts realize there is nothing to fear? That’s when the stars really shine.

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