Sweet Home Appliances!

Client: Global Appliance Manufacturer
Program: U Rock!
Venue: Rock the Stars’ Toronto studio (The Jam)

One of our favourite venues in Toronto is called The Jam. It is a rehearsal studio and musicians club, owned and operated by it’s membership, where people come together to play music in well-equipped studios. There is also a large atrium which can serve as a concert hall. It is an indoor playground for musicians and music lovers, and has been a preferred venue since its doors first opened.

WCC 23DxO We recently facilitated an event there for a major home appliance service department. We began by forming a larger group into two smaller bands. One band became the “backing band” and learned how to play a song, using real instruments.  The other became the “vocal group”, rewriting the tune’s lyrics and working out a vocal performance. After the first song was completed the band’s roles reversed so everyone had a chance to both sing and play an instrument.

Each band did a great job of personalizing the lyrics to fit their group’s corporate culture. Cee-Lo Green’s “Forget You” was rewritten to be about an errant parts delivery truck. “Sweet Home Alabama” was rewritten to be about a team member’s love of webinars. The bands performed great. We began with simple arrangements that were made slightly more complex every time we ran through the song.

WCC 46DxOWith two songs mastered we ended the session with our facilitators playing guitar and bass, a guest from the group playing drums, and everyone else gathered around microphones singing their favourite songs. Classics from our songbook, like “Summer of 69″ and “Living on a Prayer” were big hits, but we also went off-menu to rock through some Madonna, Britney and Wham!

Big thanks to Pickle Barrel for the delicious catering and Cory at The Jam for always treating us like family.


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