Rocking the Square!

Client: A Global Medical Equipment Company
Venue: Hard Rock Cafe, Toronto, ON
Program: Battle of the Bands Lip Sync Contest

GEHC2016a 85DxOWhen Rock the Stars facilitates events at the Hard Rock Cafe the synergy is undeniable. The history on display, the state of the art stage and sound system, and even the perpetual daylight of Dundas Square adds an element of hyper-realism that makes the client’s experience extremely unique.

GEHC2016a 37DxOWhen our participants rolled in they were thrilled by the rock memorabilia, the decor and the band equipment set up on the stage. When they discovered that they themselves would be the evening’s entertainment there was a excitement mixed with a little trepidation.

GEHC2016a 89DxOOur emcee explained the principals of a team lip sync contest; that it was a group effort, that everyone could pick a role they were comfortable with, and they could choose props & costumes to enhance their performances. The wardrobe station was revealed and within moments the room transformed into a group of colorfully dressed rock stars working on their swagger.

The practice round began strong with the Infamous Ge-enie’s dramatic performance of “Bohemian Rhapsody” and GE Mallet’s version of MC Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This”. Vast Difference’s version of “Jump” was a master class in the power of the trio. Our judging panel was completely floored by the performances. Randy was on his feet, Simon put aside his signature wit for some genuine praise and Paula expressed her appreciation so sincerely that the entire room blushed.

Every band (and team) has its star performers and this group was no exception. The activity’s stars were Johnny, from Johnny Rocks, and Jessie from Jessie and the Rippers. In the championship round Jessie’s “Wannabe” was stunning while Johnny’s “Gangnam Style” was sublime. In the end the audience picked Johnny Rocks as the winning band.

Big thanks to Anjuna Grewal and the rest of the staff at the Hard Rock Cafe for providing the venue for this amazing experience!

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