Rock the Stars Trend Spotting!

What do corporate events in 2016 look like? We have noticed many new trends, plus some older ones that are sticking around.

corporate39. Local: The eat local movement may not have the same innovative feel it did a few years ago, but it is an initiative that can be deemed trend-proof. Support your local providers and enjoy the good food they produce.

8. Thinking Green: Insisting on a smaller carbon footprint has the added benefit of adding CSR to your event. Glass and fabric always feel better than plastic and paper.

7. Social Responsibility: Build goodwill by giving back to your community. It is home to your neighbors, your colleagues, your employees and your customers.

6. Remember ROI: Providing clients with a good return on investment never gets old.

0075. Event Sponsorship: Logo displays are great, but give your partners the opportunity to shine by suggesting they sponsor an entertainment or team building activity.

4. Colorful Themes: Rio Carnival, 80s Hair Metal, Cuba, James Bond, Space. Creative themes are fun and more engaging for guests.

3. Diversity: Whether your group is local or from around the globe, it is full of unique individuals. Celebrate this.

Social Banner card version22. Interactivity: Entertainment should always be engaging. Getting your guests on the dance floor is great. Getting them on the stage is even better.

1. Social Media Engagement: Buzz about your event will continue after it is over. On social media platforms it will last forever. Create opportunities for guests to express themselves on social media during your event.

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