May 27, 2011 – Rock the Stars in Chicago

Client: Aird and Berlis
Venue: Fulton’s on the River, Chicago, Il
Program: You Write the Song
Planner: Meridican Incentive

We did our first Rock the Stars event in Chicago yesterday. The venue, Fulton’s on the River, was a great place for our program, featuring a long room with windows on the river. We formed 7 bands from the 38 guests and asked them to write about their work experience. They rose to the challenge brilliantly. They also turned out to be quite a competitive group. In competition “The Redirects” narrowly stole victory away from “90403 and the Non-Billables”.

Big thanks to Maddy and Jamie at Fulton’s for their help and hospitality, and to our newest Chicago crew members, Mike, Michael and Patti. Also thanks to Neil Young for not bothering me for an autograph when I ran into him in the lobby of the Sheraton.

-posted by Jeff Pearce

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