Party Like a Rock Star!

Client: CSAE Trillium Chapter
Venue: Westin Harbour Castle Conference Centre, Toronto, ON
Program: Play With the Band

CSAE stageThis year guests at the Canadian Society of Association Executives (CSAE) Trillium Chapter’s holiday gala were invited to party like rock stars! The organizers created a vibrant and exciting atmosphere that was elegant, stylish and very rock and roll. Gorgeous center pieces and decor adorned the room, while huge screens projected videos from everyone’s favourite rock bands. But the focal point was the stage in the middle of the room, with moving lights, LED fixtures and classic rock and roll par cans shining through a thin layer of haze.

Rock the Stars was invited to do one of our favourite things: be the back up band for the association’s many talented members. As appetizers came out of the kitchen we gently started off with our own fabulous vocalist on songs like “Moondance” and “Dreams”. The band slowly shifted gears, performing songs by Bob Seger and Creedence Clearwater Revival, complimenting the “Party Like a Rock Star” theme.

But this was all just a warm up for the first set’s glorious closing song, when one of the chapter’s directors donned a gold lamé jacket and an electric guitar and stunned the crowd with an amazing rendition of “Come Together”.

More incredible performances from chapter members followed, including a saxophonist joining in on “Mustang Sally”, a pianist leading the band through “Brown Eyed Girl”, and an incredible singer whose rendition of “Summer of ’69” inspired everyone to get off their chairs and onto the dance floor. The dance floor was jammed with people waving their arms in the air as we closed with guests singing along to “Don’t Stop Believin”.

Big thanks to Alice Parnis of Event Fusion, the technicians of AV Canada for their great work, and to the Westin Harbour Castle for their behind the scenes hospitality. And a really big thanks to the CSAE Trillium Chapter for letting us be part of this wonderful event!

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