November 5, 2013 – Love-ING every minute of it!

SeanGerryGuitarThrowdownClient: ING Direct

Program: Guitar Throwdown

Venue: Toronto Centre for the Arts

The request was straight forward. Create a 10 minute meeting opener that would energize a group of 700 bankers. Make it interactive so every person in the room would be engaged. And make it fun, entertaining and, well, rock and roll. The Rock the Stars Guitar Throwdown was born. Two amazing guitar players, who have toured with Nelly Furtado, Gilby Clarke (Guns N Roses), Burton Cummings (The Guess Who) and David Usher (Moist), and one dynamic host. The host began by explaining that this was a competition between the two sides of the auditorium. Each was assigned one of these amazing musicians and the winning side would be the one that would inspire, by applause, their guitarist to play the best. The audience called out requests and the guitarists responded with some of popular music’s most beloved riffs. Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, and even Segovia and Chet Atkins were represented. Finally the host asked the audience to create a stomping/clapping drum beat and the guitarists traded licks and riffs until they were playing in unison. The guitarists encouraged the audience to get to their feet in response. The audience encouraged their guitarists to play harder, faster, louder until a winning side was chosen. An incredible and amazing experience that we couldn’t wait to do again! Fortunately we had an encore two days later that was equally amazing!!

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