Musical Vision

Client: Autodesk

Venue: Hyatt Regency San Francisco

Program: You Write the Song

IMG_3896DxOFundamentally, song writing is about using simple rhymes, metaphors and allegory to tell a story or explain an idea. Our ‘You Write the Song’ program is often used to inspire co-workers to view a product or service in a new way. The process of song writing asks them to distil a concept into its most basic elements which are then put in a musical form that makes it memorable.IMG_4057DxO

For this event our client, a global high tech firm, was re-writing their vision statement and looking for input from the broader team.IMG_3983DxO The group was formed into smaller teams and given 60 minutes to rewrite popular songs to reflect the values and themes contained in the vision statement.

‘Sweet Home Alabama’ became ‘Bring Home Transformation'; ‘Proud Mary keep on burning’ became ‘Proud people keep on learning’. Once the songs were written each team performed their creation dressed in rock star costumes. And perform they did with teams doing an amazing job selling their lyrics to the rest of the group. In the end it was the songs that connected people to the vision statement in an atmosphere of fun and excitement.

Thanks to the beautiful Hyatt Regency San Francisco for their support in making this a memorable event.

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