Merck Rising!

Client: Merck Canada Inc.

Venue: Evergreen Brick Works, Toronto, ON

Program: You Write the Song

MCI2015a 17DxO Evergreen Brick Works is a remarkable multipurpose facility deep in Toronto’s Don Valley yet only a short distance from the city center. It is a reclaimed brick factory that boasts beautiful public grounds, an outdoor skating rink, an upscale bistro and event/meeting rooms that suit groups as small as a dozen or up to a thousand guests.

Our program was perfectly suited for one of the upstairs meeting rooms, but the group was also free to explore the rest of the facility and had lots of questions about it’s origin and revitalization. After a quick tour it was time to begin the program. This was a competitive group and we warmed up with a trivia icebreaker. Then we moved to the main competition, challenging the teams to rewrite the lyrics to popular songs. For this task we moved downstairs to Long’s Cafe BeLong, a beautiful resto/bar with very accommodating staff.

MCI2015a 22DxOWhen the lyrics were completed, the bands picked rock star costumes, did a photo shoot and rehearsed for their performances. It was only when they hit the stage that their new lyrics were revealed. The Chariots performed a new version of “Sweet Home Alabama”, complete with three part harmonies. Best of the West turned “Summer of 69″ into an ode to a medical condition. The winning team, who coincidentally named themselves The Winning performed a choreographed version of “Proud Mary” that perfectly described the life of a traveling salesperson.

Big thanks to all the staff at Evergreen Brick Works for providing Rock the Stars such a wonderful venue for this musical team building event.

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