May 9, 2014 – Fintech Anthem!

Client: D+H Ltd

Venue: Courtney Park Cineplex Theatre, Mississauga, ON

Program: Team Anthem

Through a partnership with our friends at Song Division, Rock the Stars has an exciting new program. It is called Team Anthem and the focus is on learning and development. It doesn’t require break out rooms and can be accomplished in less than 75 minutes, making it perfect for large groups with a short amount of time.

It guides participants through the process of collectively writing a song, incorporating the company’s strategic objectives into the lyrics. We provide an all star band and Facilitator to lead the group through the experience. Like all Rock the Stars programs no prior musical experience is necessary!

The venue for today was the Courtney Park Cineplex in Mississauga. Executing our programs in a modern movie theater involves re-imagining that type of space. While the auditorium style seating may seem formal, it actually makes it easier for us to see and interact with every person in the audience. The state of the art A/V means the lyrics written by the group can be projected three stories tall!

The program began with our band playing a well known rock song, surprising the 400 attendees who were anticipating 75 minutes of PowerPoint presentations. Instead, we used that time to guide them through the creation of a new song. When we were done everyone in the room was on their feet singing and dancing to the new anthem, emphasizing the objectives and messaging for the meeting in a memorable way.

Every company has a specific lexicon that conveys their corporate culture and we teach our clients to transform this into lyrics. But the most important thing we teach is that a group of individuals, given guidance and encouraged to collaborate, can succeed in performing the most amazing task. It seems unlikely that four hundred financial technology experts could collectively write a song in seventy five minutes. The Team Anthem program showed how anything is possible while reinforcing the company’s objectives for the meeting.

To add an anthem to your next meeting please contact Rock the Stars!


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