Get Cracking in Brockville

Client: Burnbrae Farms
Program: Battle of the Airbands Live!
Venue: CJs Banquet Hall, Brockville, ON

For anyone thinking of doing events somewhere between Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal, Brockville’s a neat little town with enough hotels to accommodate larger groups. The event was at CJ’s Banquet Hall, a quaint, community centre style space. The food was fantastic and the staff were very accommodating, especially since they had never seen a Rock The Stars event before and weren’t sure what to expect. They actually brought in a stage from the local high school and it served us well. Thanks to Laurie at CJ’s for making that happen for us.

Our client, Burnbrae Farms, had an amazing time with the Battle of the Airbands program. They had pre-named their bands, all with egg farming themed names (“Crowded Henhouse”, The Yolks”, “The Albu-Men” etc). Hats off to the event planner, Donna Jordan, for finding creative ways to mix Rock and Roll with egg marketing. Also great thanks to her for putting the whole thing together, for being very very hospitable to our crew, and for participating in the program.

After the Battle of the Airbands was completed and “The Byrds” were crowned champions we had time for 75 minutes of live band karaoke, which included some stunning performances from the Quebec contingent. We declined on the invitation to join the hardiest revelers at a hotel after party, but I hope we get to work with this fun group again.

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