A New Twist on a Classic Program!

Client: A Professional Association

Venue: Hilton Fallsview, Niagara Falls, ON

Program: Battle of the Bands Lip Sync Contest

IBAO2015a_IMG_0056DxORock the Stars has an energizing new program. Introducing “Battle of Bands Lip Sync Contest”.

Like our popular Battle of the Airbands activity, participants form bands, create a group name, select costumes and prop instruments and compete in a competition.

IBAO2015a_IMG_0189DxOIn the new program, inspired by Battle Rounds on the hit TV show “The Voice”, bands compete in pairs, lip syncing 60 second versions of popular songs. A winner is declared by applause after each pair of performances. The winning team then selects a new song and prepares to battle another winner in the next round.  Bands are either advanced or eliminated until a champion has been crowned.

IBAO2015a_IMG_0144DxO“Battle of the Bands Lip Sync Contest” is a great ice breaker, an excellent team building activity and an exhilarating way to engage and entertain a large group of people. The program can be completed in less than two hours and can also include a DJ or a live band.


Rock the Stars recently facilitated this program for a national professional association meeting in Niagara Falls. We had been advised that getting them to participate may be difficult but as soon as we got the first team on stage, all heads turned to watch. Soon everyone wanted to be involved and bands were forming throughout the venue.

Bands jostled for wardrobe and quickly worked out choreography. The first round featured sixteen stellar performances, with eight chosen to advance. By the time the second round began a large crowd of curious tourists had formed on the sidewalk outside the venue. Inside, participants whose bands had been eliminated crowded the front of the stage to cheer on their colleagues and to assist in selecting the finalists.

In the championship round, a raucous and theatrical rendition of “Bohemian Rhapsody” was pitted against a slick and stylish version of “Single Ladies”. The audience chose the winner with applause loud enough to make pedestrians outside the venue want to join in.

After the event the associations members said this was the best activity their group had ever done. It brought them together in a new and exciting way and helped build lasting relationships.

To learn more about Battle of the Bands Lip Sync Contest visit www.rockthestars.com.

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