Hunger Heart and Harmony!

Client: A Global Technology Company

Venue: Palais des Congres, Montreal, QC

Program: Guitar Throw Down with Rock It! Team Challenge

What does a wise and insightful event planner do when her conference attendees are at risk of “Death by PowerPoint” (her phrase, not ours). She calls Rock the Stars and asks us to create a 30 minute energizing and engaging activity that will inject some fun and interactivity into the conference.

Sean GerryBOur solution? Guitar Throw Down and Rock It! Team Challenge. Two world class guitarists and a dynamic drummer kicked off the event with a guitar duel. Our Rock the Stars MC solicited requests for songs or musical styles from the audience to challenge the band. Suggestions like “Duran Duran”, “George Benson”, and “Dragon Force” were thrown at our intrepid guitar players who ripped fearlessly into each challenge like they were born to play that music.

The audience was then formed into teams and challenged to “Name that Riff”. Next it was “Hum that Tune”. The host changed the game every 5 minutes, which amplified the energy in the room. During the “Finish the Lyric” game the whole room sang the first verse of “Don’t Stop Believing”.  The activity closed with a final guitar battle, during which the audience got off their feet and rushed the stage. It was an incredible experience for our musicians and MC who left the room feeling as renewed as the participants.

Working at Montreal’s Palais des Congres was a great experience. The staff, including the security and receiving crews, were incredibly helpful and professional. A tip of the hat as well to the great audio providers from Freeman. It is always a pleasure to work with their crew and the Freeman staff we met in Montreal were great.

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