Clo-Rocks part II!

Client: Clorox Company of Canada

Venue: Company office

Program: U Rock

Clorox2013a 190DxORock the Stars is a great activity for anyone. Anywhere. Anytime. In this case that meant a small group of industry leaders, in the conference room at a manufacturing facility, at nine o’clock in the morning. Winter was dealing the GTA it’s last snowy hand when our event started. Instruments were picked, songs were discussed and costumes were selected. Suddenly this group, who had arrived for a business meeting, were fully immersed in the experience of being a practicing rock band. Within minutes they were rocking out with Born to be Wild and Twist and Shout. They came up with several great band names. The Hypoclorites is the one I would most like to see on a marquee. A couple of hours later they had learned a lot about how a band communicates with each other and with an audience, and we had recorded great versions of their new hits. Thank you to Clorox for giving us another great Rock the Stars experience.

-posted by Jeff Pearce

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