Chilling Out!

Client: Global Food Distribution Company
Venue: Sheraton Toronto Airport Hotel
Program: Battle of the Bands Lip Sync Contest

GFS2016a057Every time we do an event we find people who truly missed their calling. Instead of being bankers, accountants, or chemists they could have been performers. That is why we love doing these programs. It really provides an opportunity for certain people to show what they are capable of.


Tonight’s program was no different. With 18 teams performing in a lip sync battle there were lots of opportunities for stars to be discovered. In the first round all 18 bands lip synced a 60 second version of a well known song, in a head to head format. Rihanna’s “Umbrella” and U2’s “Vertigo” produced the best pair of performances, but each of the 9 bands that moved to the next round  deserved their win.

GFS2016a134In the second round The Air Chilled Diced Chickens version of “I’m Too Sexy” and  Steve and the Rockets “Man! I Feel Like a Woman!” brought the crowd to their feet, and ushered them and two other bands into the Championship Round. With four bands remaining a true star was revealed. “Seven Deadly Sins” rendition of “Bohemian Rhapsody” resulted in a standing ovation, as sincere and enthusiastic as any response to a performance in Rock the Stars 14 year history. The lead singer was astounding, but the whole band really needs to be commended for their amazing energy.

The competition’s judges, Simon, Paula and Randy, were suitably generous in their praise of this performance. Their comments and witticisms over the course of the entire competition kept the bands focused on their performances and kept the audience completely engaged.

Thanks to the great staff at the Sheraton. They were extremely helpful and professional and provided great support during our load in and set up. We hope to be back here soon!

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