Cardinal Rules!!

Client: Cardinal Health
Venue: Toronto Marriott Downtown Eaton Centre Hotel
Program: U Rock!

CH2015A 193DxOIts not easy to sneak into a hotel in the CH2015A 234DxOmiddle of the day to set up for a top secret event that evening. But this is something we are often asked to do. Event planners like our activity to be a surprise, so we usually load in underground, sneak through service corridors and set up in vacant rooms. This is more challenging for large events, like the one we did for Cardinal Health last week. While the group’s attention was focused on projections and presentations, our crew maneuvered fifty drum components, twenty speakers, a dozen guitar amps and over thirty guitars and keyboards through the common areas and into breakout rooms. Without making a sound. Without being seen. Big thanks to the Marriott staff for their assistance and good humour.

CH2015A 26DxOThe surprise worked. When the activity was announced the whole group was astonished. The program began with our dynamic rock stylin’ instructor, Kerri, showing everyone how to swagger and strut like rock stars. Next, our wardrobe staff visually transformed the group from health providers to dynamic divas. Every band was then introduced to facilitators who had them choose instruments and learn to play a rock song.

By the time we got to the performance the mood was electric. Each of fourteen bands took the stage and delivered energetic and entertaining performances. Every person in the room was transformed into a rock star for a moment. We heard stellar renditions of “You Really Got Me”, “Rock and Roll” and “The Joker”. But the best moment was at the end of the evening, when a new Cardinal Health band was spontaneously formed from members of all the other bands and the Rock the Stars musicians simply watched in amazement.

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