5 Reasons Music Builds Better Teams

There is more rationale than ever to incorporate music into team building activities. Here are 5 reasons why this trend continues to grow.

DC2014 3DxOnah2014 45DxOmdtc2014a 26DxOInclusive: Music has no borders. It is created and enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds. Everyone likes and feels empowered by music in one form or another. As a group activity, diversity is celebrated and rewarded.

Creative: Music stimulates creativity. It’s effect in team building inspires people to think about their company, product or team in a new and more intuitive way.

Mental Wellness: Music puts people in a positive frame of mind making them more receptive to new ideas and challenges. Playing and performing music elevates this effect to a higher level that stays with people after the event is over.

Collaborate: Music has enabled communication amongst people since the dawn of humanity. Learning to create and perform music as a group improves the listening and collaboration skills that lead to greater team productivity.

Remember: Music is deeply associated with memory. It becomes a sound track, kindling memories of learning and experiences that last a long time, extending the impact of the team building and meeting.

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